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Refreshing My Memory To The Past

Friday, January 30, 2009

I still remember my lovely past time when i still a child. In that time i've been sent to my nanny house when my parents working from 8 am to 5 pm. I called my mom as "Mak" while my nanny as "Ibu". Ibu was the person who taught me about alphabet "a b c" until i master in it. Hahaha. She be my nanny until i was 7 years old. I miss her. On the other side,even though my mom working, she never forget me. She always bought me story books or colouring book and sometimes food for me. I love my mom. And it is still fresh in my mind every day i saw my mom coming home, i felt very excited ad than i ran to my house to see my mother. My mom always said that you must remember what you study today because soon u will use it again. And it's true! My mom also always bought soo many books for me to study and practice. Furthermore, she also asked me to make exercise inside the books before i can go playing at the outside. The best part is, the exercise that i must doing is more advance than i should do. When i was at standard 3, my mom ask me to do exercise for student at standard 4. Hahahhaha it sounds like crazy but that style can make me more clever than my fellow friends. But now, why i don't follow my mom style yeah??? If yes, nowadays i must be the cleverest person in this world...hahahaha( daydreaming again). About my father, sometimes he always make me laugh but sometimes i got no response from him when i was telling something. Haha what so ever he still my dad. Then there many years past and i grown up. I became a teenager. People always said the hardest part in your life was when you are a teenager. And that is true!! I know everyone of us have been through in this situation. Trap between era of child and adult. When i at 11 and 12 years old, i always keep myself inside my room and locked the door. There is nothing i'm doing but i always keep away from my parents. I became a different person, always daydreaming and my study also going down. Hahahahah served me right. I don't know why i act like that. Hurm...maybe because of hormon..However i am very thankful to Allah because i can adapt my terrific time quickly. When i'm going to high school, i've learned about life, i met many wonderful friends that could bring me to the right way and also i do not keep away myself from my parents again. When i'm going to a boarding school, i realize that i missed so much things to share with my parents. It is because after i entered a boarding school, there is no time i could spent more with my parents. In that time i'm crying because i felt very stupid because of my big decision in life. However, we dont know what it said "Hikmah dari Allah", after i entered a boarding school, my relationships with my parents are more thighten than ever. Everytime i want to back to hostel, i make sure i kiss my mom before back to hostel. I did not feel shy even though i kissed her in public. I dont want to miss anythings that very important in my life again. Until nowadays, my relationships with my family are very tight and i share every secrets with my mom like we are bestfriend. I love my parents..mak and abah.